Top News- Build An Attractive And Popular News Or Magazine Site

A WordPress theme to provide your readers an amazing experience on your website, Top News has the complete package that would keep your webpage highly popular and increase your visitors with time. Awesome as it is, it contains several features that enable you to create a news or magazine site that would contain high quality images and align them well with the text on the page.
Top News focuses on keeping your visitors glued to the screen and adding more visitors to your webpage everyday while increasing ad exposure amongst your audience. The various attributes it is designed with make it easier for you to have a news or magazine website that provides timely information and is entertaining for the audience.
Top News contains features such as the Thela Post Slider plugin, useful for providing a slideshow for different pages as well as posts, and social media sharing buttons to increase visibility and admiration of your webpage. You can also easily add videos or audios to your content from different websites such as Vimeo and YouTube. Top News also uses your featured items as teaser headlines on its homepage.