Jarida- Sophisticated WordPress theme for your Blog, News and Magazine

In order to make your blog, news or magazine easy to read, you must have a website that is convenient to use, stylish and has high quality visuals, therefore gluing the reader to the screen. Apart from high quality, a sufficient quantity of images is also essential in order to make the website appear attractive and Jarida is the perfect choice when it comes to designing a website for your blog, news or magazine. A template by WordPress, Jarida is one of the premium themes that were launched. Jarida ensures that the viewer is able to read comfortably and enables you to design your website in a highly sophisticated way.
A large variety of colours to choose from, easily translatable and compatible with all devices, Jarida offers you the opportunity to pick a layout that consists of columns depending on your needs, import demo data to fill your theme, modify your categories such as changing the background and logo and so on.