deTube- The Edge to Your Video Website

With the advent of high speed internet across desktops and mobile devices, websites that host video content are becoming increasingly used by the masses. Although people are adapting more easily to online video sites, websites are not always geared to deliver that content. But this deTube Video theme by WordPress is designed just for that. If you want to add videos to your website without making it difficult for the viewers to view the video content, the deTube theme is just for you.
This theme has taken the best from websites like YouTube and Vimeo with the single aim of providing a seamless video watching experience. This has allowed WordPress to deliver the most powerful theme by far.
The theme has an option of auto playing the videos from Vimeo and YouTube, allows visitors to sort videos according to their need and has six different layouts. The latest version – version 1.4 – can play a video on up to four players and has an added footbar layout option that can be customized to your liking.