Bucket- Build Your Very Own Magnificent Magazine

In order to be able to share your new findings or interesting articles, WordPress has launched a theme called Bucket which makes it easy for you to write or share any articles you like. The main purpose of Bucket is to allow you to easily share your discoveries with minimal difficulties and display them in the most attractive way possible.
Bucket offers you the chance to upload videos, write articles regarding various topics, share your experience with respect to various products and services and post details about different events or the most discussed latest news. Its different features allow you to do this and much more without face any problems and ensure that your website looks absolutely gorgeous.
Also, Bucket intends to increase your viewers and to do so, it has social media integration whereby you can share your content using the social icons on your webpage, making your work popular easily. It is also SEO optimized and therefore, your website is easily discovered on search engines by others. It comes in two different colours, light and dark, and can be translated into any language so that your audience is able to view your work without any language barriers.