Benevolence- A Great Theme for Churches and Not for Profit Organizations

When you are looking for a WordPress theme or template for any specific reason like for a service oriented organization or some web store that sells electronic gadgets, you can find many great themes that can do the job for you. But when it comes to having a theme or templates that are specifically designed for not for profit organizations, it is very slim pickings. This is remedied by the introduction of Benevolence WordPress theme.
If you are in the market for a very powerful theme, that is highly customizable, fully functional and highly responsive, and that supports special functions and options like the ones needed for a church or a nonprofit organization, Benevolence theme is for you.
This outstanding WordPress theme is built for everything from churches, Non-Profit Organizations, non-profit associations, Basilica, foundations or any religious communities.
The theme lets you create visually stunning effects and transitions and has built in tools and features such as sermons, ministries, news photo galleries, sponsors, a number of projects that a church might be working on, and you can also add events that are held from time to time under the supervision of a church.
The theme works absolutely flawlessly when transitioning from a bigger screen to smaller, it works equally well on laptops, tablets and smartphones for greater convenience.