Appica – Quick app landing page

Do you feel the need to acquire a unique landing page for your app, having grown tired of the same old conventional ones? Appica is a treat for all such users who wish to have a slightly different, unique and responsive landing page for their app. Having been awarded for one of their themes which went on to become the featured item, Appica has been motivated to provide even more features to the users, thereby making their theme more feasible.
Appica has been designed for the three most popular brands of mobile OS which are iOS 7, Android and WP. For each of the OS, Appica is able to adapt perfectly well without any restrictions regarding the screen size. The outlook of the landing page is natural and serves to add a great layout to your app, giving a whole new feel that is filled with innovative features. The stylish background, slide out menu and the page design, all serve to contribute to the popularity of this theme.